US presidential debate: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump spar over jobs, taxes

US presidential debate: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump spar over jobs, taxes


Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump took to the stage on Monday to begin their first-ever presidential debate and immediately sparred over jobs, taxes, the Islamic State (IS), guns and the former secretary of state’s undisclosed emails, media reports said.

Clinton is held to have won the first presidential debate, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

According to the poll of debate watchers, 62 per cent of voters who watched the debate thought Clinton won, while only 27 per cent said that Donald Trump came out on top.

On prosperity, taxes and jobs

Moderator Leslie Holt of NBC News opened the 90-minute debate at Hofstra University, Long Island, New York, with the first topic being “Achieving Prosperity”, where the first question about putting money back into Americans’ pockets and creating jobs was directed to Clinton,CNN reported.

Clinton, the first woman to represent a major US party in the presidential race, mentioned her granddaughter’s birthday, and talked about everything from gender pay gaps, to paid family leave, to presidential temperament.

She started her speech by defending the idea of creating “an economy for all” and stressed that she intends to do so “by having the wealthy pay their fair share”, EFE news reported.

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“I also want to see more companies do profit sharing. If you help create the profits, you should be able to share in them, not just the executives at the top,” she said, and stressed that “the central question in this election is really what kind of country we want to be in”.

Clinton insisted she would work to achieve equal pay between men and women, paid paternity leave and debt-free college.

Clinton accused her rival for being one of the real estate tycoons who benefited from the economic crisis that hit the country in 2008.

Trump conceded the point saying, “It’s called business.”

On Trump’s business practices

On Trump’s tax returns and Clinton’s emails

On the Islamic State

On police shootings

On gun control

On the ‘birther’ issue

On supporting the result of the elections

Clinton said, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but I certainly will support the outcome of this election.”

Trump pointed that he would “… want to make America great again. We are a nation that is seriously troubled… If she wins, I will absolutely support it.”

The debate is divided into 6 segments with 15 minutes given to each nominee. Two minutes will be allotted to answer a question asked by the moderator, two minutes to reply and the remaining time for the nominees to debate.

This is the 20th US presidential debate and is being organised by the Read Full Story >>>


Donald Trump’s paid maternity leave plan gets Hillary Clinton rejoinder

Donald Trump’s paid maternity leave plan gets Hillary Clinton rejoinder


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has introduced an unorthodox childcare plan, becoming a rareRepublican calling for paid maternity leave.

Introduced on Tuesday by his daughter Ivanka, who asserted that childcare issues were at the “root of wage inequality by disproportionately affecting women”, Trump tried to soften his image at an event held in Pennsylvania, a former stronghold for moderate Republicans that has trended Democratic in recent years, the Guardianreported.

Trump also asserted that “my opponent has no childcare plan”. Clinton has in fact made a number of detailed proposals on childcare.

Clinton in June last year first outlined a programme for universal pre-kindergarten and in May this year proposed to cap childcare costs at ten per cent of household income and to introduce 12 weeks of paid family leave.

Maya Harris, a senior policy adviser to Clinton, described Trump’s plan as “half-baked and completely out of touch”. read full story >>>

Donald Trump wants allies to share burden of security

Donald Trump wants allies to share burden of security


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said that if elected he would ensure that America’s European and Asian allies meet the NATO obligation of spending two per cent of their GDP on defence.

“Only five of the 28 member NATO countries meet their obligations to spend two per cent of GDP on defence. I will convene a summit of our European and Asian allies to make sure everyone is sharing in the burden of security. We are paying tremendous amounts of money to secure other nations, to protect and defend other nations,” Trump said at an election rally in Iowa.

“We are going to be made whole. We have no choice. This isn’t 30 years ago. This isn’t 40 years ago. And I believe properly asked, we’ll be in a very good position and they will be very nice about it,” he said as he slammed the foreign policy of the Obama Administration in particular that of the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is now the Democratic presidential nominee.

“Whether it’s her e-mails, her disasters in Iraq, Libya and Syria, or her failures on the economy, of which it’s been disastrous, Hillary Clinton lacks the judgement, temperament and moral character to lead this country. She does. You know it. Everybody knows it,” he said amidst applause from the cheering audience. read full story >>>

Email fallout: 3 Democratic National Committee executives resign

Email fallout: 3 Democratic National Committee executives resign


The chief executive of the Democratic National Committee and two other top officials have resigned in the wake of an email hack that embarrassed the party on the eve of its presidential nominating convention.

CEO Amy Dacey, chief finance officer Brad Marshall and communications director Luis Miranda left their jobs today, the party said in a statement.

The resignations are the latest fallout from the hacked emails, which exposed an apparent lack of neutrality in the primary race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, with some party officials disparaging Sanders.

Marshall wrote the most explosive email, questioning Sanders’ Jewish faith and suggesting he could be portrayed as an atheist. He has apologized for the missive.

Earlier, party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned her position and, after being booed at a pre-convention appearance last week in Philadelphia, chose not to speak from the convention stage.(more)

Time for Trump to stop hiding: Hillary Clinton

Time for Trump to stop hiding: Hillary Clinton


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton alleged that her Republican rival Donald Trump does not even respect Americans enough to do what every other presidential candidate has done for decades and released their tax returns.

“It’s time for Trump to stop hiding,” Clinton said at an election rally in Omaha, Nebraska.

“My husband and I have put out I think about 33 or 34 years’ worth if you’re interested. He doesn’t even respect the American people enough to do what every other presidential candidate has done for decades and release them,” she said.

“It’s time to stand up for working families. It’s time to make clear that when the middle class thrives, America thrives. And that’s what we’re going to get back to doing,” she said adding that she would not rest until they get wages and income rising.

Clinton’s remarks came after billionaire investor Warren Buffet alleged that Trump is afraid to release his tax returns. Read More

Facebook to live stream US Democratic, Republican conventions

Facebook to live stream US Democratic, Republican conventions


Social networking giant Facebook has partnered with the US television network ABC for a non-stop live streaming of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

The Republican National Convention started in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday night and will run till Thursday while the Democratic National Convention is set for July 25-28 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Not just livestreaming, Facebook will provide an in-depth coverage of both the events, reported on Monday.

Earlier, micro-blogging site Twitter had signed a deal with the US television network CBS to stream both the conventions.

Twitter has permission to broadcast the CBSN feed—the company’s 24-hour digital news streaming service—and anyone online can watch for free even if they do not have a Twitter account. Read More

Trump seeks $10 million from former aide in disclosure case

Trump seeks $10 million from former aide in disclosure case

Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is seeking $10 million in damages from a former senior campaign consultant, Sam Nunberg, alleging that Nunberg leaked confidential information to reporters in violation of a nondisclosure agreement.

In a court filing obtained by The Associated Press, Nunberg accuses Trump of trying to silence him “in a misguided attempt to cover up media coverage of an apparent affair” between senior campaign staffers.

The document cited a New York Post story about a public quarrel between the staffers published last month.

The legal dispute reflects Trump’s efforts to aggressively protect the secrecy of his campaign’s inner workings.

The case is spelled out in court documents that sought to block private arbitration proceedings that Trump initiated in May. Read More