KCR announces Rs 50 lakh reward to Dipa Karmakar

KCR announces Rs 50 lakh reward to Dipa Karmakar


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today announced cash prize of Rs 50 lakh to Dipa Karmakar, who finished fourth in women’s vault Gymnastics event at the Rio Olympics.

“Exceptional performance by girls in the Rio Olympics is inspiring. There is a need to encourage girls in all fields and entire nation should support them in their endeavour,”KCR was quoted as saying in a release from the Chief Minister’s Office.

In the Olympics, Dipa, from the north eastern state of Tripura, had ended up just outside a medal bracket with 15.066 points after putting on a superb display in the eight-woman vault final held earlier this month. Read More


Brazil launches Olympic anti-terrorism campaign

Brazil launches Olympic anti-terrorism campaign


Brazil has launched an awareness campaign designed to foil terror plots during the RioOlympics in August.

“It’s a simple, informative campaign without calling for hysteria,” defence ministry official Luiz Felipe Linhares said in a statement on Tuesday, Xinhua news agency reported.

The South American country is not a traditional terrorist target and the government hopes the initiative will reduce Rio’s vulnerability to possible attacks.

The campaign involves the distribution of brochures, posters and booklets explaining how to identify people engaging in suspicious activity, officials said.

“Our country has never faced this type of threat so we need to make sure that people are more alert,” Brazilian defence force anti terrorism chief, Mauro Sinott said.

“The message that we want to pass on is that if you think a certain situation is suspicious, it is because it is in fact suspicious.”

Earlier this month the government said Brazil’s intelligence agencies were working alongside counterparts in the US, Britain, France, Israel and Russia to counter the threat of terrorism.

Brazil will also deploy tens of thousands of troops in Rio’s streets to ensure the safety of athletes, officials, residents and an estimated 600,000 foreign visitors during the August 5-21 Games.

In total, there will be 85,000 security personnel – including armed forces, police and security agents – patrolling the city. Read More

Olympics could be big failure amid crisis: Rio Governor

Olympics could be big failure amid crisis: Rio Governor


Rio de Janeiro’s interim Governor Francisco Dornelles has admitted the upcoming Olympic Games could be a “big failure” if there were no appropriate measures taken in regards to security and transport.

Dornelles declared an unprecedented “state of public calamity in financial administration” earlier this month with less than 50 days until the opening ceremony, which could threaten “the fulfilment of the obligations as a result of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016“, Xinhua news agency reported.

Brazil’s federal government has already reportedly agreed to disburse federal funds to cover Rio’s shortfall, prioritising any projects considered necessary for the Games.

However according to Dornelles, the funds have not yet reached the state.

Dornelles also warned that due to lack of money, the police patrols may came to a halt by the end of the week.

“I am optimistic about the Games, but we have to show the reality,” he said in an interview on Monday with state-media media Globo. “We can make a great Rio Olympics, but if some steps are not taken, it can be a big failure.”

“We have to give proof that we are equipping security and the mobility for people to come to the country.”

Dornelles’ remarks are in sharp contrast with other higher-level Brazilian officials who always repeat that the games would be unaffected by the various political and economic problems ravaging the host nation.

The games are slated to start on August 5.