Karnataka Assembly election 2018: Why it is important for BJP and Congress

Keeping all these political issues and twists and turns in Karnataka State, The entire nation and Karnataka state is eagerly waiting for the election and who will win.


This April-May will evidence the Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections in 224 constituencies to elect their respective members. Karnataka Assembly tenure ends in May 2018. The upcoming election is scheduled for April-May 2018.

The Lotus Strategy: Criticizing Invites Death

The official campaign of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) began on November 2, 2017. They launched Nava Karnataka Nirmana Parivarthana rally, which was for 75 days across the entire state lead by the state president, Y.S Yeddyurappa. The rally was completed on February 8, 2018, covering all the constituents in Karnataka covering all the constituencies and ended with a note addressed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister in his speech said that the entire world is busy with ease of doing business, while the Congress is busy with ease of doing murders.” “Anyone who criticizes the government will pay with death.”

Mr. Modi also stated that he wants to free Karnataka from the dynasty rule of the inefficient Congress. This would also mean putting an end to corruption and dirty politics.

A fourteen-day “Protect Bengaluru” was conducted by BJP party. According to this party, they were reviving and rebuilding the city from the gross negligence of the Congress party. The BJP and Janatadal parties were campaigning against the Congress pointing out the flaws and shortcomings under Siddaramaiah. This act has compelled Congress to emphasize on the achievements made to counter both the parties. The BJP has given enough indications that this time the election campaign will be Modi-centric and less of B.S.Yeddurappa. BJP prefers to seek votes in the name of Mr. Modi by having him as the face of the elections. The chief minister seems to be shrewd in engaging the Prime Minister.

The Congress Way: Being More Aggressive

The Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) took up an act of setting up a booth level committee at 54,261 locations. They will spread the information on the various programs undertaken by the ruling Indian National Congress. This was an extensive outreach program, which was held just before the elections. The ruling congress has taken aggressive steps to reach to grass root level to halt the impression created by BJP. This micro-level reach by the Congress had created a positive impact on the people. Congress was on losing end for the past few elections.

Twists & Turns In The End

When an opinion poll was gathered, a sample revealed that Kumaraswami from Janata dal was their first choice, followed by Yeddyurappa (BJP) and then Siddaramaiah (Indian National Congress). Keeping all these political issues and twists and turns in Karnataka State, The entire nation and Karnataka state is eagerly waiting for the election and who will win in Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018.


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