Flipkart neither run by me nor Krishnamurthy: Binny Bansal in Sept 2016

In this Sep 2016 interview with Business Standard, Bansal said firm was all about team work


Latest News : In September 2016, after growth slowed in the first six monthsof the year, the e-commerce companies in the country were gearing up for the festive season that would see big sales. Leading the pack was Flipkart, the largest Indian e-commerce firm. In a telephonic interview with Business Standard‘s Alnoor Peermohamed, Binny Bansal,the then CEO of Flipkart , had said the e-commerce giant was neither run him nor by Kalyan Krishnamurthy, the Tiger Global executive who has now been appointed the CEO of Flipkart.

The e-commercemajor was all about team work, Bansal had said. Bansal had also said that the company had 100 million users. This growth occurred despite competition from the international e-commerce giant Amazon becoming aggressive in India. The task now was to convert the 100 million to shop every month on its platform, even as it targeted the next 100 million in two or three years.

Here are the edited excerpts of the interview with Binny Bansal published in Business Standard on September 22, 2016:

With the FDI norms in e-commerce not allowing discounts, how is Flipkart going to manage offers it plans to give this festive season?

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