Will supporters of demonetisation please click yes, PM Modi asks nation

Through ‘Jan Jan Ki Baat,’ Modi asked 10 questions to gauge the mood of nation post demonetisation


After ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the Narendra Modi government is experimenting with ‘Jan Jan Ki Baat’ to get people’s feedback on burning issues. Within an hour of the Prime Minister asking citizens of the country to rate his latest initiative—demonetisation—on his narendramodi app, there were 3,700 retweets and 7,900 likes on his Twitter handle. Soon, Jan Jan Ki Baat was trending on social media with ‘’cashless India’’ stopping to give its feedback on the banning of big notes.

It is not known yet how many have taken time out to assess the latest initiative of the government, but the questions asked are pointed. With several state elections lined up through 2017, the PM wants to be sure how people have responded to demonetization as a step to eliminate black money.

It’s a 10-step survey, beginning with a simple question—do you think there’s black money in India. Then it goes on to ask whether you think it needs to be eliminated and what you think of the government efforts in eliminating black money etc. From the fifth question onwards, the survey gets into demonetisation full steam. Question number 5: How do you assess the government move to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes? One has to move the fingers along the wheel to rate, while green and red lights flash on the screen to suggest what your assessment is. Read More


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