Donald Trump wants allies to share burden of security

Donald Trump wants allies to share burden of security


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said that if elected he would ensure that America’s European and Asian allies meet the NATO obligation of spending two per cent of their GDP on defence.

“Only five of the 28 member NATO countries meet their obligations to spend two per cent of GDP on defence. I will convene a summit of our European and Asian allies to make sure everyone is sharing in the burden of security. We are paying tremendous amounts of money to secure other nations, to protect and defend other nations,” Trump said at an election rally in Iowa.

“We are going to be made whole. We have no choice. This isn’t 30 years ago. This isn’t 40 years ago. And I believe properly asked, we’ll be in a very good position and they will be very nice about it,” he said as he slammed the foreign policy of the Obama Administration in particular that of the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is now the Democratic presidential nominee.

“Whether it’s her e-mails, her disasters in Iraq, Libya and Syria, or her failures on the economy, of which it’s been disastrous, Hillary Clinton lacks the judgement, temperament and moral character to lead this country. She does. You know it. Everybody knows it,” he said amidst applause from the cheering audience. read full story >>>

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