Moto G4: Dynamite for your budget

Moto G4: Dynamite for your budget


Ever since Motorola came back into the fray of the smartphone segment, it has made a strong user base in India. Most of its launches have been a success. And, the latest one to enter the market is the Moto G4. Having a simple body design with smooth edges, the phone might give good competition to players in the budget smartphone segment.

The phone has a big 5.5-inch screen, a great move for those who like watching movies and streaming videos; you can even watch the ongoing Euro competition in France. It doesn’t try to look premium though it is designed in a neat and compact manner. However, it does not have an IPX7 water-resistant screen unlike the Moto G (third generation).

The Moto G4 is a mere 9.8-mm thick, weighs 155g (seriously light for a 5.5-inch phone), and to top it all, it feels sturdy with a curved metal frame surrounding the screen adding to the high-quality feel. Read More


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