Favourability ratings of Clinton, Trump increased: Gallup survey

Favourability ratings of Clinton, Trump increased: Gallup survey


The favourability ratings of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have increased since they clinched the presidential nominations of the respective Republican and Democratic parties, a Gallup survey said on Thursday.

Since clinching nomination in early June, Clinton’s favourable ratings among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents have gone up slightly to 71%, compared with 68% in April and May, the survey said.

68-year-old Clinton’s image is now partly restored to what it was at the start of the year when 74% of Democratic viewed her favourably.

Trump has also maintained higher favourable ratings among Republicans and the party leaders since he emerged as the sole Republican candidate in May compared with earlier in the year.

Trump’s favourable ratings among Republicans averages 64% so far in June, the same as in May but higher than the 54% to 56% in the three prior months.

His current favourable ratings also exceed the average 61% he earned from this partisan group in January, the survey noted.

Clinton, 68, and Trump, 70, have each lost ground over the course of 2016 among independents who lean toward neither party.

“Because of this, the candidates’ national favorable ratings have stayed still or declined slightly, despite recent improved ratings from their own partisans,” it said. Read More


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