Protests turn violent outside Trump’s rally in New Mexico; clashes erupt

Donald Trump’s rally in New Mexico turned violent as anti-Trump demonstrators clashed with police, hurling rocks and burning clothes at officers, the latest scuffle to hit the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s campaign.

The “unlawful assembly” went on rampage, lighted fires and threw rocks at the police officers and their horses outside Trump’s rally at a convention centre in New Mexico’s Albuquerque. The police resorted to launching smoke bombs to disperse the violent crowd which overturned barricades and hurled rocks.

The protesters disrupted the 69-year-old New York-based real estate tycoon’s speech several times yesterday. Most of the protesters were escorted out one by one.

“Go ahead, get them out of here,” Donald Trump told one of them.

However, the police had a tough time in controlling the demonstrators who were protesting against the policies and rhetorics of Trump.

“This is an unlawful assembly,” Albuquerque police spokesman Simon Drobik told protesters over a loudspeaker.Read more.


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