Bank of Baroda scam: RBI tells banks to conduct internal audit


All public sector and private banks have been asked by the Reserve Bank of India to conduct a “thorough internal audit” and put the report before their respective audit committees, as part of the central bank’s efforts to check fraudulent foreign exchange transactions. The move comes in the wake of irregularities that came to light last year in Rs 6,100-crore import remittances effected by Bank of Baroda’s Ashok Vihar branch in New Delhi.

A circular has been issued to all scheduled commercial banks, advising them to conduct a thorough internal audit and place the report before audit committee of the board of the respective banks and to forward the summary of findings to RBI, the central bank said in reply to an RTI query filed by PTI. The RBI was asked to provide details of action being taken by it to check fraudulent forex transactions by banks. “We are in the process of receiving the internal audit report from various banks,”it said.

Read Full Article Over Here : Business Standard News


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